Rental Resources

The Meridian Team is doing our part as landlords to consistently strive to be a resource for our tenants in need. As a mission based company we want to reach as many people as possible and connect them with their specific needs, whether it be housing, rental assistance or other personal needs. The following information will be updated as we receive new guidance from our local non-profit organizations, as well as federal and state funding.


We’ve all been impacted and challenged since COVID hit in 2000. It is imperative that we work together in order to continue to manage the impact of this crisis. As of now, the owners of rental properties in the US are still responsible for making their mortgage payments to their banks as well as paying for taxes, insurance, rental registration fees and most importantly, maintenance expenses. Rent payments assist in covering the cost of providing you with a safe, well-maintained home. We ask that if you are experiencing financial hardships that will impact your ability to meet your rent payment obligations, please contact our office so we can discuss your specific situation.

Please note, we may need additional information such as written documentation from your employer stating your reduction of hours, lay-off or other income reduction situations.   When applying for unemployment or filing your taxes please keep all documentation related to confirmation of your filing. This will help allow us to determine the best game plan for your future rent payments.

Below is a list of links to get you started….If you need additional paperwork from our office please email:

To file for unemployment with the Department of Labor:

Career One Stop: Specific COVID-19 website from Department of Labor:

For assistance with all aspects of this crisis we encourage you to start with United Way:

Rent/Utilities Assistance has also supplied a list of additional agencies some of which we have listed here:

Community Service League

Save Inc- Contact Number: 816-531-8340

Catholic Charities of Kansas City Contact Number: 816-221-4377

Metro Lutheran Ministry Contact Number: 816-931-0027

Redemptorist Social Services Center Contact Number: 816-708-4880 (call Friday mornings starting at 8:30)

Bishop Sullivan Center Contact Number: 816-231-0984

United Inner City Services Contact Number: 816-994-5449

Housing Authority of Kansas City Contact Number: 816-968-4100

Salvation Army Contact Number: 816-241-6485

Saint Francis Xavier Church Contact Number: 816-523-5115

Saint James Social Services Contact Number: 816-561-8515

Saint Thomas More Contact Number: 816-942-2492

Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City Contact Number: 816- 358-6868

Medical and Dental Care

Children’s Merycy Hospitals and Clinic Contact Number: 816-234-3000

Kansas City Free Health Clinic Contact Number: 816-753-5144

Truman Medical Center Contact Number: 816-404-1000

Grand Avenue Temple Contact Number: 816-842-3484 

Rodgers Community Healthcare Contact Number: 816-474-4920

Food Pantries

Harvesters- The Community Food Network Contact Number: 816-929-3000

Seton Center Contact Number: 816-231-3955

Memorial Church International Food Pantry Contact Number: 816-363-7939

Blue Hills Church of Nazarene Food Pantry Contact Number: 816-523-2833

HGC Development Corporation Contact Number: 816-349-1735

Community Assistance Council Contact Number: 816-763-3277

Covenant Presbyterian Church Food Pantry Contact Number: 816-444-3693

Fellowship Right Baptist Church-Eunice Nevels Outreach Pantry Contact Number: 816-492-5958

Other Assistance Agencies recommended by The Meridian Team…

Happy Bottoms Diaper Assistance: Contact Number: 855-479-2867

The Medicine Cabinet: Local Contact Number 816-276-7517