Realty & Property Management

Managing Properties for a Greater Purpose

Meridian Realty & Property Management has been an innovative leader in the property management industry since 2013. Our portfolio consists of 700+ single family homes, multi-family units and apartment complexes. Our team is consistently seeking innovative ways to give our customers a great experience with their rental property. Meridian focuses on a common sense approach to management for both residents and investors and will continue to utilize our experience and knowledge to move forward with the rental industry in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

For Investors

Meridian is a residential property management company that provides services to both private and commercial clients. Whether you are an investor by choice, or forced by the economy, our management team is prepared to offer the level of professional service needed to properly manage your investment.  To learn more about our services in detail please see our INVESTORS page.

For Residents

Meridian values our residents. Whether you are a current, past or future resident, our staff is dedicated to providing you with exceptional care and customer service. We offer showings 7 days a week, online rent collection, Resident 101 classes to educate our tenants, and resources for those that need assistance from time to time. Call us today to see first-hand how we compare with other property management companies.