Fall Maintenance Reminders

Please ensure your furnace filter has been changed before turning on your heat! If you are in a unit where you do not have access to your HVAC system, please contact the office! When reporting a heat issue, it’s important to give as much details as possible so that we can send the correct vendor to address the issue. 

With the cooler temperatures pests and rodents have been an issue for some of our older homes. While pest control is the responsibility of the resident, if there are entry point of access that need to be fixed, or if you would like recommendations for treating certain pests, please notify our office!

As leaves begin to fall over the next month, please check your gutters and let us know if we need to send someone to clean them! Keeping your gutters clean will help with any potential water issues throughout the winter! Please let us know if you are missing downspouts or your gutters need repair as well! 

Please make sure your yards, or common areas of your building,  are free of personal items, trash, and/or furniture. For a list of approved items that can be left on porches please contact our office! 

When a work order is called in, residents must have the area of concern free of any personal items to ensure the vendor has proper access and can work efficiently. This is especially important with kitchen & bathroom leaks and basement issues. 

We are experiencing a lot of schedule issues between vendors and residents.  It is important to communicate with your vendor and confirm appointment times. If your vendor did not show up at the approximate time, please call the office and allow us to get an update for you.